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Takapuna Clacton and Frinton Original Clothing and Bespoke Suits in Santa Barbara California
Takapuna Clacton and Frinton original clothing and fine bespoke suits
This is a photograph of Hilary standing outside Frinton, our first retail business. In 1975 we had been traveling in Southeast Asia for a few months and then we went to Auckland, New Zealand.

Almost straightaway we saw this store and took it. We called it Frinton after the English seaside town as a joke. We lived in New Zealand from 1975 - 1979.
In 1979 we went traveling again and this time we ended up in California (via Africa).

We took this store in West Hollywood because we liked the look of it. Its tiny front reminded us of English seaside architecture. It had a backyard that we made into a garden and there was a large rustic workroom. It was ideal except that nobody knew we were there. This was Los Angeles and people do not walk past your door, except for eccentrics like Michael Lindsay Hogg, who came in soon after we opened. Gradually word spread and we were there 15 years. Jon Noble and Jocelyn Casey worked with us there. We laughed a lot with them.
For some odd reason we moved over to Robertson Boulevard. We opened this store with our old friend Bones Morris. Bones and Michael designed it and we think it came out rather well. But the street was always under construction and the parking was fairly hellish, which did not please our customers.
Bespoke Suits Takapuna Original clothing Clacton and Frinton

1998 - 2016
We had a large retail store in Santa Barbara selling men's and women's clothing for over 17 years . We called the store "Taka-Puna home of Clacton and Frinton". Most of the men's clothes were Clacton and Frinton made in Los Angeles and the majority of our bespoke customers still came from L.A. Through this store we met a great many interesting local people. It was a nice 1920s building in what was a semi industrial area but is now fast becoming fashionable. We closed this store in January 2016 to concentrate on our custom business.

Clacton & Frinton
2255 Las Canoas Rd
Santa Barbara CA. 93105


Takapuna Clanton and Frinton Santa Barbara Original Clothing and gift storeing store

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