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Takapuna Clacton and Frinton Original Clothing and Bespoke Suits
Takapuna Clacton and Frinton original clothing and fine bespoke suits
Takapuna Clacton and Frinton unique clothing and bespoke suits "Tailor Michael Anderson Makes Suits to Fit"
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'Bespoke' is simply the term used in England for special order, made-to-measure or (as Americans would say) custom clothing.

We have been making custom suits in London and Los Angeles for over 40 years. Our bespoke suits are hand-tailored for each individual.
We meet with you discuss style and you choose the fabric. About 3 weeks later we give you a fitting and two weeks after that the clothes are finished.

We keep a record of what you've ordered and, very importantly, the fit so that even if you are in London or New York (we regularly send clothes to both places) we can make clothing for you. We acknowledge fashion but keeping to our own styles and in the English tradition, we aim to make suits that are in no way faddish and stay in style for many years.

Prices depend on fabric costs but typically ...
Two piece suits range from (lots of choice here) $2,395
to (for more luxury fabrics) $2,700+
Sportscoats/Blazers from $1,685
Trousers or waistcoats/vests from $335
Shirts (minimum 3) from $330

To order call 805-687-7108 or email us at

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